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“Pssst, do ya fancy a freebie?”

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. A little misleading perhaps, as lunches free or otherwise are not contained in this post, but I do have something to give away for FREE.

OK, so here’s the giveaway. When I publish a new self guided audio tour with the hosts VoiceMap, they give me a number of Free Tour Codes to do with as I wish. If you’re living in London, or planing to visit before the end of March 2022 and would like to take one of these tours for FREE, then just drop me an email or message me on the Facebook page and I’ll send you a single use code and how to use it for one of the tours. You’ll need to download the Free VoiceMap app onto your phone by clicking the App Store link below, or just enter VoiceMap in the App Store app on your phone.

East of Eden: Tales from the Thames riverbank. On this walk, you’ll hear the many, varied stories linked to this stretch of the river. I share the history behind the buildings you see and, along the way, I’ll introduce you to some of the fascinating characters that have lived here, including the artist Francis Bacon, some of the protagonists in one of the first industrial disputes, and even a witch and a ghost.

Finding Fitzrovia: The Neighbourhood on the Fringe of Soho. On this walk, we’ll venture off London’s well-worn tourist trail and see some of the city’s lesser-known corners. I’ll introduce you to Stan ‘the Spiv’ Setty, who met his end after a few too many dodgy dealings, a lustful murderer, a cowboy builder, denizens of the Bohemian set, and a legendary Victorian writer.

And it’s as simple as that and won’t cost you anything except some wear to the old shoe leather and perhaps, if you’d be so kind, the time to rate and leave some feedback after the tour.

I hope you enjoy the tours as much as I did writing them.

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