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Thanks for taking the time to check out my news page, which I use to give you updates on tours and general London information that I think will be useful. I also regularly write a blog, which I use to tell some of the stories that I uncover while researching my tours. You can find my page by clicking the button below.

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APRIL 2024



March was one of those months, really busy , but with not a lot to show for it. The proposed launch of the new tour, Lanes, Lives & Liveries had to be put on hold for a couple of weeks, but I did manage to put together a good first draft of another new tour and planned out the structure to a second. While all that was going on I prepped my recording studio. I say studio, it's actually a chair in the spare bedroom with a tent made of an old army blanket over it. I'd been talking about recording some podcasts since before Christmas and finally got round to having a go. It's a fairly lengthy process, but having got several under my belt I happy with what I've produced. They're available on several platforms including Apple and Spotify, but for ease of use I've uploaded them to this site. If you'd like to listen, please click the link below.


The Blog pages are proving very popular and I've had some really nice feedback from some of the readers, so if you like London history, please go and check it out.

Walking around London as much as I do gives me the opportunity to document the streets, buildings and occasionally the bizarre. Check out my Instagram page, where I post some of the more unusual photos.


Had a flurry of comments last month on my self guided audio tours of London. I love to get comments back from the people who use my tours, it affirms that the content I put in, is as interesting to others as it is to me. It's great to think that people have enjoyed the tours so much that they take the time to comment on them.

A really excellent tour. I’ve taken loads of walking tours in London but I learnt many new things from this one. Highly recommended.

LUCY : There's More To Moorgate

Great App and an excellent tour, full of interesting facts and the additional stories and characters involved in the history of the area added to the enjoyment. Fully engaged for just over an hour then off to the pub. A cracking way to spend an afternoon in London. Definitely doing another tour soon. Great work . 

BRIAN : A Clerkenwell Tale

Thank you for this. I am a local and wanted to try a tour out. I know the walk well, and was very happy to learn some more about the neighbourhood (as well as a couple of Thames walkways that I hadn't been in, since I thought they were private!)

MATTHEW : Tales from the Riverbank


Is the working title for the next tour, currently at the testing stage. I received in my Christmas stocking a re-telling of The Canterbury Tales translated from Geoffrey Chaucer's 1400s Middle English text into modern day parlance by my London guru, Peter Ackroyd. Having not got anywhere near it at school (1970s Secondary Modern) it was a real eye opener. As the story starts off at the Tabard Inn in Southwark and gives you a general flavour of the City in the 1400s I thought I'd try and write a tour based on the medieval City. Many of the Lanes still survive, there are many stories of the Lives of the citizens at the time and the period reflects the growing strength and power of the Livery Companies that had their hands grasped tightly around trade in the City. I'm hoping that it'll be ready for launch around the middle of April.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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