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Nice story, but….

Today in 1988 the grave of Boadicea / Boudica, the warrior queen of the Iceni tribe who fought the Romans in Britain was located by archaeologists (possibly).

Following her victories in Anglesey and the sacking of the Roman Garrison at Colchester, she turned her attention to the fort and small collection of buildings that made up the fledgling Londinium. In something akin to a Monty Python scene, the order ” effugere!” was issued and the inhabitants ran away, leaving Boudica to burn down the first incarnation of London. However, some months later the Romans had regroups and in the subsequent battle Boadicea was defeated. To avoid capture, the warrior Queen took her own life by taking poison.

Her final resting place was under Platform 8 at King’s Cross railway station. At the time British Rail said they had just refurbished the platform and anyone wanting to dig it up would have to come up with a strong case. Well, the archaeologist powers of persuasion seem to have carried the day.

I only recently heard this story and was enthused by it, but on further inspection it appears to be something of a part myth. The area around Kings Cross was formerly known as Battle Bridge as it was said to be the location of the final battle. However it appears that nothing linking the grave to the Queen was unearthed.

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