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Last chance to see… (well for a while anyway)

If you’ve never visited the Museum of London near the Barbican then you’ve got four months to do so as it’s closing.

The museum will shut its present site in order to facilitate the move to its new home which will be ready to open in 2025. The new site which is currently in a state of redevelopment is the area of West Smithfield adjacent to Smithfield meat market.

Artists impression of the new site

At the moment the site is devoid of any of the usual plastic screening, which means that the facades that are being kept are on view. I’m sure there are thousands of pictures of the area in its heyday and also in its latter days, but at the moment the buildings have a very run down charm and as it may soon be the last time they are seen in this state I decided to wander around this morning with my camera.

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