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It's not so difficult (possibly)

For the last two weeks spare waking hours, which have been at a premium have been taken up with the overhaul of my A London Miscellany website.

For those who hadn't seen it's predecessor, how can I describe it? Think convivial evening in your favourite pub. Think of the number of drinks you can consume without impairing your faculties ...... and then add four more drinks. Then think "I don't trust AI, I'll design it myself". Think Brown.

The result, as I liked to say in the beginning was that it looked like something that a five year old had designed, but as time went on I realised that there is really no contest between a Tech savvy five year old and a sixty something technophobe, which eventually shamed me into doing something about it.

So, armed with snacks and supplies and a metaphorical tin helmet I set about changing the whole disjointed taupe coloured mess into something that may pass muster when viewed by a discerning general public. It took two weeks, caused frustration and anger in equal measure but left me quiet proud of what I (and my AI robot buddy who, let's face it did all the heavy lifting) put together.

So if you have a few spare minutes, please go and take a look, you'll even get to hear me speak! That's Clickbait if ever I saw it

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