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An inspirational place for a fag

On a recent wandering I was walking along a small street called Whetstone Park which runs parallel between Lincoln’s Inn Fields and High Holborn. There’s not much to see as it’s primarily used as a service road. Towards it’s end I came across a small fenced area.

What caught my eye was the ornate stone bench, and as I got closer for a better look, I found that there was another in the opposite corner.

Rosewood Hotel

It appears that this is the staff entrance to the Rosewood Hotel and is used for staff to take a break during clement weather. Despite contacting the hotel, I have not managed to find out if there is any significance in the use of the benches. The plaque on the wall as far as I can make out is a misquotation of a line written by American travel writer, Tim Cahill that reads “A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.”.

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