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Fake News

A little late I know but in true Trumpian style here’s a couple of fanciful facts bandied around as the truth.

Fact: There is only one street in Britain where you drive on the right. It’s Savoy Court, the short and taxi-filled road from Strand to the front door of the Savoy Hotel.

This is a favourite bit of trivia, but is a myth that refuses to disappear. Savoy Court is not a public thoroughfare as it is owned by the Savoy Hotel, Also, it is not the only one where vehicles drive on the right, Hammersmith Bus Station shares this ‘unique’ quirk.

Fact: The River Tyburn flows through the basement of Gray’s Antique Center in Mayfair.

Gray’s Arcade, an antique gallery in South Molton Lane, claims to have the River Tyburn flowing through its basement in a trough. The building is actually situated on the course of the Tyburn, but the trough is full London tap water. An electric pump gives the impression of flowing water. The Tyburn was a very smelly little stream especially in summer, and is now part of the sewer system which is routed around the building in a closed pipe.

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